Going Green with Event Decor

January 14, 2013


Budget Buster

January 14, 2013
{from the desk of Kelly Acock, founder of reEVENT, an eco-CHIC pop up Event Decor Consignment Sale} 

It's undeniable everyone needs to purchase a few new items for their special soriee's.  By putting a bit of research and thought into creating a plan to follow, purchasing decisions are super easy and no longer overwhelming nor a waste of precious resources such as time and money. 

Ask and answer these questions when shopping:

1.  Does the item fit the color scheme and overall theme of the even...
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Hedge Apple Happiness

October 5, 2012

Nature often generously gives us an amazing array of design items to utilize in propping and pimping out focal points within DIY home design.  Fall season is no different, bountiful in texture and rich in color. 

Pumpkins and gourds with fall leaves and twigs take center stage most often packed, stacked and clustered in bins and on tables just screaming 'hey...it's FALL, come soak me up before the first dusting of all white snow.'

But what of the most often overlooked daring color and te...

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Rose into Ranunculus

May 29, 2012

As California Ranunculus are now out of season (5/22/2012), and South American crops are hindered by extensive rains that leaves only Holland product available with smaller blooms and a much higher price tag.  So we’ve put our heads together to give you another solution ~ turning a rose into a ranunculus look alike!  If you crave the ranunculus look but not the Holland price, follow these simple steps to mounded petal bliss. 

1.  With fresh, tight blooms straight from packaging and cl...

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Birth Flowers

March 6, 2012

As seen in EA Bride Magazine Fall 2010 ~ by Kelly Acock, EA Bride Contributor and Events Director

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{Ben Palmer Photography}

Nature gives us all sorts of lovelies to decorate with.  Read 'Hedge Apple Happiness' here on the blog and dive into the bounty outside your door.