{from the desk of Kelly Acock, founder of reEVENT, an eco-CHIC pop up Event Decor Consignment Sale} 

It's undeniable everyone needs to purchase a few new items for their special soriee's.  By putting a bit of research and thought into creating a plan to follow, purchasing decisions are super easy and no longer overwhelming nor a waste of precious resources such as time and money. 

Ask and answer these questions when shopping:

1.  Does the item fit the color scheme and overall theme of the event?
2.  Does it fit into the budget?
3.  Can I reUse/reDesign the item for other purposes (is the item multi-functional for other personal parties or home decor?)
4.  Can I reSell this item easily and make some 'green' back?

If you answered most of these questions with a 'YES'...then the item qualifies as 'Smart Shopping' and your purchase will be well worth the thought and time spent on the decision.