As California Ranunculus are now out of season (5/22/2012), and South American crops are hindered by extensive rains that leaves only Holland product available with smaller blooms and a much higher price tag.  So we’ve put our heads together to give you another solution ~ turning a rose into a ranunculus look alike!  If you crave the ranunculus look but not the Holland price, follow these simple steps to mounded petal bliss. 

1.  With fresh, tight blooms straight from packaging and clean, wet scissors, hold the rose by the base of the bloom and cut a little more than half of the petal length off. 

2.  Then remove outer guard petals.   

3.  Spray with Crowning Glory to minimize bruising of the petals. 

4.  For a fuller bloom, allow rose to open a day or two.  A bit more trimming of top petal edges may be necessary for shaping.  Trimming to round out the outer petals also helps to achieve the round softness of the ranunculus look.  


5.  Removing the middle of a few of the blooms also helps to mimic the variety of the ranunculus blooms.  Use needle nose pliers with a soft touch if your fingers cannot grip into such a tiny space. 

Tips:  This mainly works on medium to dark blooms due to the severe cutting of the petals.  Some blooms do not cut well but can be trimmed even shorter to accomplish the look.  As well, some roses in the bunch just do not work at all due to their swirl and must be discarded.