I have been in the event and floral design arena for over 21 years now as a small business.  I am a published writer, educator, speaker, and designer and have taught many local classes and national webinars; featured in several local publications by Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hills, EA Bride Magazine, Florist Review, and the Kansas City Star.

I am most proud of being a Momma to two teenage boys.  Has that been a fun trip!

I am also so grateful of being published and recognized Internationally for my floral art creations in the publications of International Floral Art by Stitchting Kunstboek 2010/11, 2012/13 & 2014/15 Jubilee Edition.

I specialize in Weddings, Corporate Events, and Celebration of Life (Memorial) custom designs.




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Thrilled beyond words to be published in the Stichting Kunstboek International Floral Art 2010/11 & 2012/13, and most recently 2014/15 Jubilee Edition!!  This publication truly bends the floral and design mind beyond the everyday.  I have always thought so highly of the artists that have been able to make the cut to 'get in'.  I also understand from Katrien Van Moereke (who is lovely by the way) that this year in particular the selection process was grueling as they had so very many beyond fabulous and over the top imaginative entries.  So to be chosen for inclusion ~ it's an amazing honor beyond words.  

Kelly Acock/The Monarch Flower Company 

Featured in the following Nell Hill's publications:

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{Kelly Acock/The Monarch Flower company table design from Nell Hills Stylish Weddings ~ Photography by Bob Greenspan}

{Introduction written by Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hills: Stylish Weddings, Fabulous Flowers Chapter} 

'When I first saw Kelly Acock's work I was captivated by her innovative approach to decorating with flowers, her unbridled enthusiasm, and her careful attention to her brides' wishes.  I asked her to share advice on how other brides could ensure their wedding flowers would be fabulous too.  A large part of your overall budget for the wedding might be spent on flowers, so it's imperative that you find the right person for you. ' 

Email:  kellyacock@gmail.com





Email:  kellyacock@gmail.com